What are 420 TV Lines

Insecurity has in the recent past increased globally, to the level that it becomes one single issue that generates more concern to individuals, government and non-governmental organizations. These unscrupulous individuals and groups continue to create fear by continuously creating and working havoc on people and organizations for bizarre interests, devising means and methods that are sometime very difficult to tackle.

Employers incur losses through theft by staff and customers, shopping malls always record shoplifting, and homes are constantly broken into by buglers. But technology has also continued to find means to deal with the issue in diverse ways. Surveillance, which is a preemptive method of tackling security concerns has received a big boost through this continuously improving technology. Improved picture quality, zoom capabilities and expanded area coverage are all what has been witnessed with the technological enhancements.

A 420 TV lines on a security camera would mean that the camera will produce a highly defined picture – high quality pictures that would be a lot easily to read and understood. It means that the camera is capable of performing 420 quick scans to produce the picture. Security cameras never stops working. They have infrared rays to capture images at night, although the images taken at night will appear in black and white, and this is one of the limitations of the infrared technology.

The angle which these cameras can cover has also been improved – attaining 180 degrees. Two cameras set on opposite directions will therefore cover a 360 degrees, unhindered area in view.  In some occasions like factories and other business organizations, it might be desired to hide the cameras, so
that people might not know that they are under surveillance. There are surveillance cameras that are very tiny and disguised – they appear like sensors or even like smoke detectors. Choice and purpose will in each case determine the one that a person or group will go for.

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