Internet Monitoring Software for Employee Activity Tracking

The requirement of internet monitoring software is so prevalent today that even a tiny startup business cannot get away without implementing the proper tools. There is different internet monitoring software and tools available to check the online activity of employees at work, or of kids and spouses at home.

The requirement of employee tracking and internet monitoring software

Computers and the internet have radically changed the way we do business. Broadband now allows a business to find customers from other end of the continent or even from other side of the world. This in a sense gives tremendous power to the business. On the flip side, the internet is also a resource that people use to seek both good and bad things. Employees are more than likely to allow themselves to wander throughout the virtual world, mostly spending their time idly. Different internet activities that distract employees from doing their work include pornography, email and chatting, online dating and matchmaking, social networking sites like, legal and illegal download of music and video, online games and the list goes on.

Implications of employee internet abuse

While non-business activities can diminish the productivity of employees, a few activities can even have far reaching legal aspects. The owner of the computer resources, like the network and computer hardware, is responsible for the content stored on the system. Suppose an employee had downloaded pirated music. Without a proper internal monitoring system, the employer will be held responsible for the presence of the illegal digital content. Having a solid employee computer activity and internet monitoring tool in place can actually help point out the person who is responsible for the illegal content.

The employer will also be paying huge monthly bills for the broadband he/she uses.

Privacy and Legal Issues

Laws in the United States actually allow an employer to use internet monitoring software and tools. A prior agreement can be made between the employer and its employees to not use the company’s resources for non-business activities. The policy can be handed over to every new employee in the organization. The emails or deleted content will all remain as the exclusive property of the organization.

What does internet monitoring software do?

Internet monitoring software tools are powerful tools that allow the tracking of web activity without the user’s knowledge. When implemented over a corporate network, the tool monitors the websites to which the user navigates and the amount of time spent at different websites, email programs, instant messenger programs, etc. The reports are then sent to the administrator who had installed the monitoring program.


The internet monitoring software for employee tracking available from provides extensive reports about web activity for individuals that use the computers on the corporate network. Work Examiner is not spyware and has no malicious code. Employee web activity reports are available in many common formats. Work Examiner helps a manager keep an accurate log of individual computer usage by different people in the network. Whenever the manager feels it is necessary to take disciplinary action, he or she can have a look at the actual performance of each employee.

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